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Introducing autobench-next

Earlier this year I wrote a small harness to compare the relative performance of Go 1.0 and the then just released Go 1.1. You can read the posts about the Go 1.1 performance improvements: amd64, 386 and arm.

As the Go 1.2 cycle is entering feature freeze next week, I’ve taken the opportunity to create a new branch of autobench, autobench-next which tracks Go 1.1 vs tip.

Using autobench is very simple, clone the repository and run make to produce a benchmark on your machine.

% cd devel
% git clone -b autobench-next https://github.com/davecheney/autobench.git
% cd autobench
% make

You can stay up to date with the update target

% make update
% make

Contributions and benchmark results are always welcome. As the Go 1.2 cycle draws to a close I will merge this branch back into master replacing the older 1.0 vs 1.1 comparisons.