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Listen up!

Today I was devastated to learn of yet another women being driven from the tech industry.

This is so far from being all right it does not even register on the same scale.

The tech industry is a sick, male dominated, misogynistic, flaccid void that continues to permit weak, small, frightened men to abuse and harass women from a presumed position of anonymous safety.

As harassment, especially online, continues unadmonished I can take the only course of action available to me as a civilian; exclusion.

If you harass or abuse women, you will be excluded from any conference, project, meetup, or venture that I organise or participate in. I will also ensure that other conference organisers, meetup organisers, and business owners are fully aware of your repugnant actions, and urge them to exclude you.

If you harass or abuse women, I will not work at any company who chooses to employ you, and I will not permit any company that I work for to hire you.

So, if you think that my statements are unfair or possibly an overreaction, that it’s all in good fun, or maybe I should lighten up, then next time you choose to step out of your fetid cave to abuse a woman, remember that this is not a threat.

It is a promise.