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autobench-next updated for Go 1.3

Now that go1.3beta1 has been released I’ve updated the¬†autobench-next¬†branch to track Go 1.2 vs tip (go1.3beta1).

Using autobench is very simple, clone the repository and run make to produce a benchmark on your machine.

% cd devel
% git clone -b autobench-next https://github.com/davecheney/autobench.git
% cd autobench
% make

You can stay up to date with the update target

% git pull 
% make update
% make

Contributions and benchmark results are always welcome. As the Go 1.3 cycle draws to a close I will merge this branch back into master replacing the older 1.1 vs 1.2 comparisons.

Calling for autobench contributions for Go 1.2

With the release of go1.2rc3 last week I have now merged the autobench-next branch into master in the autobench repository.

Go 1.2 is not expected to bring performance improvements of the same magnitude of Go 1.1, but moderate improvements are expected due to improvements in code generation, the runtime, the garbage collector, and the standard library.

If you would like to contribute a benchmark result from your own machine the instructions for doing so are included the README file.