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Stress test your Go packages

This is a short post on stress testing your Go packages. Concurrency or memory correctness errors are more likely to show up at higher concurrency levels (higher values of GOMAXPROCS). I use this script when testing my packages, or when reviewing code that goes into the standard library.

#!/usr/bin/env bash -e

go test -c
# comment above and uncomment below to enable the race builder
# go test -c -race
PKG=$(basename $(pwd))

while true ; do 
        export GOMAXPROCS=$[ 1 + $[ RANDOM % 128 ]]
        ./$PKG.test $@ 2>&1

I keep this script in $HOME/bin so usage is

$ stress.bash

You can pass additional arguments to your test binary on the command line,

stress.bash -test.v -test.run=ThisTestOnly

The goal is to be able to run the stress test for as long as you want without a test failure. Once you achieve that, uncomment go test -c -race and try again.