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Thoughts on Go package management six months on

It has been roughly six months since I wrote about the problems I saw with package management in Go.

In the intervening months there has been lots of discussion; the issue continues to be one of the two most continually and hotly debated on the golang-nuts and go-pm mailing lists. No prizes for guessing what the other topic is.

In the current climate of mistrust there appears to be little support for delegating the problem of package management to a central repository. Informed by the soap box drama of the npm repository it looks like the days of standing up a central repository for a new language are over. Perl, Python, Java; enjoy it while it lasts.

In lieu of this, two camps have formed around complementary ideas.

The first camp, popularised by tools like Gustavo Niemeyer’s gopkg.in redirector, places stability of an import path, a versioned API if you like, as paramount. However this arrangement does not adequately address issues of build reproducibility or multiple revisions of a package being present in your final executable.

This camp also expresses a profound dislike for any sort of manifest file or other metadata in their repo. I find this position odd as most Go repos I find on GitHub are sprayed with Dockerfiles, Makefiles, Gruntfiles, Travisfiles, and all manner of CI or build metadata.

The second camp, informed by the statements of the Go team themselves, choose to vendor, or bring into their own repo the source of packages they depend on. The leading tool in this area is Keith Rarick’s godep.

This model should be very familiar to anyone in the Java community who used Ant. It is hard to argue that it was not a success for Java, at a cost of jar files committed to your repo (Hi SVN!). At least with godep you always carry around the source of your package, not some binary jar.

If this then is the current state of Go package management, so be it.