Friday pop quiz: minimum one liner

This program is incorrect

package main

import "fmt"

func f(a, b int) {
        var min = 0
        fmt.Printf("The min of %d and %d is %d\n", a, b, min)

func main() {
        f(9000, 314)

By adding only one line can you make it print the correct answer ?

The code must continue to be correctly formatted.

Bonus points will be awarded for the most creative solution.

Points will be deducted for arguing with the judge (me).

Update: thanks to Gustavo Niemeyer who pointed out the first version of the quiz made it way to easy.

Update: a few people have provided some very sound, rational solutions. Good job, give yourself a code review gold star.

The bonus points for the most creative solution are still on the table. As a hint my solution will also work for this variant of the problem.

The answer(s) will be posted tomorrow.